Gil Allouche is a tech entrepreneur whose passion for artificial intelligence, big data, and growth marketing led him to start Metadata in May 2015.

As the Founder and CEO of Metadata, Gil prides himself on building a customer-first company. He is part of an ambitious team that is committed to solving a major problem that B2B marketing and sales professionals face every month — generating qualified, opt-in leads.

Gil combines his passions for both software engineering and marketing and a point of view of both a typical client and the solution provider. His biggest reward is a watching a funnel being optimized to the satisfaction of the CMS or CRO and seeing their clients grow their business with the Metadata solution.

The goal at Metadata is to consistently provide clients with a predictable channel of SQLs and optimize their demand generation efforts. The platforms combines predictive scoring capabilities that determine our clients’ ICP (ideal customer profile) and closes the loop by targeting lookalike audiences (B2B focused) across different channels – amplifying content pieces that educate these prospects about the market/solution.

Businesses get comprehensive insights into their current prospects and an easy way to target prospective new customers.


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Metadata Difference

Metadata provides B2B marketers with simple prospect database enrichment using over 150+ data signals to give businesses greater insights into their current prospects, and easy to implement micro-targeting strategies for prospective new customers.

Too many companies focus on simply giving clients insights. Unfortunately, this leaves sales and marketing professionals with too many unanswered questions. Metadata is different by acting on these insights, closing the loop, and bringing in qualified, 100% opt-in leads to their clients.

Metadata fuels your marketing campaigns using patent-pending technology that taps into your CRM data to automatically analyze and map your target persona. Metadata then uses look-a-like modeling to target relevant prospects to optimize your paid media spend and boost conversion rates by 3-5X. Among our featured customers are Datawatch, AtScale, Concurrent, Cisco, UBM, Datawatch, OOMA, and others. Privacy agreement, Terms of Use and EULA

From an early age, Gil Allouche was drawn to technology and the power of computers. At just seven years old he set out to learn programming and by age fourteen he was already providing IT services for local small businesses at his hometown.

After finishing his army service, Gil was eager to build on his knowledge of computers. He worked for several years as a software engineer for a robotics company and later a financial services firm. Although he loved the work, Allouche was passionate about eventually starting his own business. He decided to move to the United States to earn his MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Upon earning his business degree, Gil held several different positions, including roles in management consulting, product management, and product marketing. Eventually, he discovered his passion for building and growing SaaS businesses during his time with Spotfire (now TIBCO). Allouche was handed over an SaaS product, Silver Spotfire, that was grossing under $50K annually at the time; he was asked to try and grow that business or the company would be forced to shut it down. After 18 months of creative work — growth hacking, leveraging the front desk person for billing/renewals, creating comp plans for SDRs to act like AE, and various growth marketing tactics — Gil and the team were able to grow the business to over $1.5m in sales.

This experience served to be pivotal moment in Gil Allouche’s professional career for a variety of reasons. Not only did it cultivate his passion for SaaS, but he learned the importance of customer feedback and the benefits of effective team building. Gil took the time to listen to each customer’s concerns and used their feedback to build a team capable of delivering a successful product. Furthermore, he was able to establish an ecosystem of advisors, investors, and customers that proved to be integral to the early success of Metadata several years later.

Before launching Metadata, Gil set out to learn more about SaaS. He worked as the head of marketing for two other Saas Startups: Karmasphere, which was later sold to FICO, and Qubole, which raised a C-round of funding.

Originally from the holy land, Gil currently lives in San Francisco with his wife Anita and their dog Kelev. Although he truly loves his work, during his free time Gil enjoys reading books, specifically science fiction and self-improvement books, writing code, listening to music, helping fellow entrepreneurs, and volunteering. In addition to his work at the local food bank, Gil works with second graders as part of jcl (the Jewish Council for Literacy), tutoring them on English reading skills. He loves working with kids because it presents the opportunity to apply his wisdom and experience to dramatically improve their lives and help them reach their full potential.